Welcome, Welcome!
I'm Casey, an HR professional in the making, Instagram addict and aspirer with a severe case of wanderlust and an obsession with writing. I would love to be able to call myself a fashion/beauty/travel/anything blogger but I don't think I'm there just yet...
After finishing uni, I really missed writing, but writing as a career seemed to drain the energy and interest so I started this blog as an alternative.

On this page, I write about fashion and beauty (with a few 't.m.i' life updates thrown in for good measure) but I also have a second, separate page where I write about travel - bestplaceiveneverbeen.com and its through this page that I have been lucky enough to work as a freelancer for a digital marketing agency and travel companies. My aim is to combine the two pages to create one blog which incorporates everything that I enjoy doing.
I don't think I can be classed as a fashion or beauty blogger; I love both and really enjoy connecting with other bloggers in the community, but right now, I don't have time to post regularly or have the resources to create perfect images to form the basis of my outfit posts.

Travelling from/for the blog would be the perfect way to while away my days and I want to do as many outfit posts with the worlds most iconic backdrops as possible but, for now, I'm going to carry on winging it in both blogging networks and see what, if anything, comes of it along the way.

You can follow/contact me on a variety of social media channels, all of which are listed in my side bar. Similarly, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have either through the post comment routine or via email.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

CaseyB X