Saturday, 14 March 2015

March Wishlist

March Wishlist

March Wishlist by casey-byrne

It really has felt like Spring the last week or so, hasn't it? Blue skies and not having to wear a massive coat with a million layers underneath makes me VERY happy; I'm so ready for thinner jackets and no hoods to protect freshly styled hair! Saying that, I will be flying out to Reykjavik in today which is VERY VERY snowy and cold right now so I haven't managed to escape the winter wear just yet... Iceland though. Excited is an understatement.

Its been a busy month for travel planning; Andy won employee of the year at his company with a prize of £3000 worth of travel vouchers! So in addition to planning for the Iceland trip, I've also been massively wanderlusting over the distant shores we might visit. Thinking Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador or the Far East, there are so many choices.

That kind of explains why there is not one, but two Triangl bikinis on the wishlist this month. I finally bought a dupe (for Iceland) and I think it looks, well I probably shouldn't leave the house in it put it that way. I opted for the Ollie style but got pink bottoms with the Tilly Sunburst top and it. is. skimpy. And I know everyone and their cat on Instagram wear them like that, they're not known for being modest, but I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it. The new styles/colours seem to be a bit more supportive for the bigger chested girl so I reckon they would be a good bet.
I'm desperate for more pleather and ripped balck jeans and true to form the Olivia Burton watch is making yet another appearance.

I'm on the way to the airport as I write this, with my new camera in tow, so I'll take loads of photos and maybe some ootd's to show you when I get back.