Monday, 31 March 2014

Cracks in our Foundations

    I've never really had much luck with foundations to be honest. Whether the colour selections are too warm (tango is not my preferred look) or whether the consistency irritates or doesn't suit my skin type, it's always been a make-up minefield.
Working in Superdrug gave me plenty of time to try out different brands and types of foundation and a few years ago I settled on Maxfactor's Miracle Touch. I have two shades, one of which is slightly darker/warmer and I use this on the centre of my face as a second layer as I'm very self-conscious of my red cheeks and sometimes dark under-eyes. I only use this if I'm going out because, at over a tenner a go, it's an expensive insecurity; but I have a routine that works.
Just lately I've been hankering after that flawless look all day, everyday. Why should I only have picture perfect skin when I'm on a night out, I should be able to have it 24/7 and not have to look like a washed out zombie who's been dipped in a vat of oil by lunchtime if I only use a bit of make-up that day. I hate taking make up to work or out with me - I'm just not that kind of girl, but where can I find a foundation that gives a decent level of coverage, suits my skin tone and stays put?
It's a nightmare.

Monday, 10 March 2014

White Stripes

    I've spent money in Topshop again. Classic me.
    I saw a white and navy striped tunic dress in store just before Christmas and dropped sooo many hints to family but no one picked up on them. When I returned after Christmas to get it, it was no where to be seen so when I saw this version I snapped it up straight away. They only had size 8's left in stock but luckily it fits pretty perfectly and I'm really happy with it.

Stripe tunic dress, Topshop £29 | Borg lined cord denim jacket, Topshop |