Friday, 14 June 2013

Mojito Madness

    Ever since receiving an Essie nail polish in the April Glossybox I've been dying to get a few more of their shades. Their polishes are so lovely to work with, they go on beautifully, dry quickly and are long-wearing (I've had this shade on for a week now and only have a few minor chips!) so when I heard that there were a few websites selling certain colours for a fraction of the retail price I just couldn't ignore the opportunity.
    I came across click fragrance when I saw an Instagram post by Brighton blogger Everything's Rosie featuring this very nail polish. Unfortunately the site had sold out of this shade and I almost went for Ole Caliente instead, a bright red with a slight fuchsia undertone, but I persevered and searched online for the right colour and I'm so glad I did as I found it on for just £1.99!
    I've been hunting around for some bold, bright coloured polishes to feed my 'bold colours against monochrome' addiction and, if you've read some of my recent fashion posts, you'll know I'm all about yellows and greens at the minute so this find was literally perfect.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

June Bug

June Wishlist

    I've just had a week off work (what with it being half term) so have had a few opportunities to peruse the current high-street lines and if I'm completely honest, I was quite disappointed with most of the shops I entered. Unsurprisingly, I could have written a list the length of my arm with the number of things I fell in love with in Topshop, including their current concessions, but have tried my very best not to make this a Topshop heavy post.
    Due to the shopping let down that was last week, this month's wish list is basically compiled of items I have been lusting after throughout April and May.
As you can see, monochrome and bright/neon yellow are still a big thing for me this month - I'm literally obessesed and everything I've looked to purchase recently has fit into either of these trends perfectly. Combining the two is an absolute must!
    I've added a box chain necklace in yellow from Forever 21 which I'm dying to buy! Only problem is, its not available on their UK site or in UK stores and I can only find it on the American website which means it will have to stay on the wishlist. Bad times.
I have bought a black bodycon midi dress which I'm looking to team with a splash of yellow and this necklace was exactly what I've been looking for, I'm also positive I've seen it on someone so am devastated that its not available over here. SOB.
    I've also added a tin of hair chalk by Free People. Hair chalk has started to creep onto the high-street over the last few weeks and I think it will be a massive hit this summer, especially with festival season just around the corner. You simply colour in sections of your hair with the chalk to create bright dip dyes or random pops of colour which washes out when you next shampoo. Easy to apply, no fuss and no long term damage. WIN.
Will you be trying out hair chalk this summer? What do you think of the statement colours?