Sunday, 26 April 2015

Wish Away May

May Wishlist

May Wishlist by casey-byrne featuring a military jacket

It's safe to say studying at uni while working full time is literally killing me right now. I honestly don't know how people breeze through it.
So much uni work and work work has made me pretty absent from the blogsphere for the last couple of months and has made me really quite ill over the last few days but I decided to take back some time and write a few posts as a kind of stress relief, bit of me time is definitely needed!

My final assessment is on 26th May so this wishlist is all about the things I'm thinking of getting myself as a reward for all the studying (and feeling crap!). I've also decided to take Andy away for his birthday this year, partly because he's really hard to buy for and partly because it would be nice to spend a weekend away from Folkestone for a bit rather than spending the weekend in the same old pubs, I can't say where I'm going just yet because obviously it's a surprise, but I'll be sure to take lots of snaps and tell you all about it when I get back, it's not until July anyway so I'm sure I'll have a pre-travel haul to share with you before then.
Roll on the end of May when uni will be done for the year and I can get back to filling your blog feed with posts, for a few months anyway.


Thursday, 2 April 2015


Can we all just take a second to appreciate how red my hair is here please... Okay, thank you.
Last weekend I went up to London for the day/night and being my second trip to the city in a week I was expecting to be a little over it by the end of the day. The trip actually solidly confirmed that I NEED to move to London,
I NEED to live in London guys, NEED.