Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beauty Maxx

    I took a little trip into TK Maxx today, which in itself is a rare occurrence, and found some absolute bargains! First of all, they're selling the Ciaté caviar gift sets in a few different shades for just £9.99, I couldn't have been more excited, especially when I found one that had been reduced to £7.00 because of slight damage to the box - RESULT!

    I actually cheated on a birthday present with this and added the bottle of caviar beads to a friends birthday gift bag along with a load of other beauty bits, keeping the nail paint for myself (how selfish!) and considering they're usually £9 per bottle I'm not overly impressed with the finish.
It's nice, sure, and I love the colour but it isn't particularly thick so needs a good three coats to stop it looking patchy.

    The colour looks more of a paler green here which I actually prefer, but in reality has more of a blue hue to it.
    I don't know whether it's due to the approaching holiday, but for a small store they had so many beauty products, the shelves were literally rammed and there were so many things I wanted to purchase - BedHead hair products being among them, but I was restrained and just bought one moisturiser. It's 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow' by a brand called laidbare and aims to reduce hair growth and skin irritation that can following shaving or waxing.
     I have no idea whether these things actually work but it was only £3.99 so I thought I'd give it a go. Bonus if it works and something to blog about whatever the outcome.


Monday, 11 November 2013

Right As Rain

November Wishlist

Almost two weeks into November, I'm very late with the wish list again this month!
We're definitely well and truly into Winter now and all these blustery, rainy days have got me hankering after a new coat. I already own a Topshop parka but it's a good few years old now and is looking really ropey so this would be a welcomed update. And if I'm getting a new coat, I may as well pick up a matching hat scarf and mitten set while I'm there!
The tartan number (I'm obsessed, I know!) is to feature in a post coming soon; this version is from Primark as I like to keep things accessible and never one to pass up a bargain. 
I've wanted a Daniel Wellington watch for about a year now I just find watches such an expensive accessory... The Mary-Jane shoes are currently sitting in my Topshop basket waiting to be paid for. I will have the cutest feet this season!