Thursday, 17 October 2013

Catch of the Day

    I'm so excited about this post!
    I've done so well at not throwing money at clothing companies over the last few months so now, when I buy something, its a lot more exciting! It's also more thought out so I'm not buying things I will banish to the back of the wardrobe after wearing once.

Map Print Shirt - Topshop, £35 | Yellow Rainmac - eBay, £26

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blacks on Blacks on Blacks

October Wishlist

I've been so busy with work over the last few weeks that I almost completely missed the October wish list! My time management has taken a right beating since the start of term and I've wholeheartedly adopted 'Better late than never' as my daily mantra! I'm the worst employee...

So the wish list is looking rather dark this month but with Halloween just around the corner I think it's an acceptable route to take. The Topshop contrast collar dress is so Wednesday Addams and both that and the Motel tea dress have got my clothes fund crying out to be spent. Luckily, I got a bit of a pay rise this month so I may have to give in with the excuse that I'm dressing up as Wednesday for Halloween.
The watch is an absolute beaut! It's from a company called WeWood who craft watches entirely of wood remnants which makes the watches kinder to skin as there aren't as many toxins to irritate your wrist. They stock a variety of styles and colours/types of wood and WeWood plant a tree for every watch sold. I'm always keen to get on board with a good cause so I'm putting this on my Christmas list (AH the dreaded C-word!) and most likely going to buy one as a gift too.

    I've started so many outfit/haul posts recently and haven't been able to post them due to my irrational fear of cameras but I've just bought some items that I need to share with you so will dust of the canon and post something up soon, promise!