Monday, 24 February 2014

Cute Collars & Pretty Pastels

March Wish List

March Wish List by casey-byrne showing River Island polka dot dress

I'm off work today as I have food poisoning boooooo! However, it does mean that between the naps and dehydration dizzy spells I can put my wishlist together for March. The weather is perfect for shooting pictures for the posts I've been waiting all month to publish but I'm just not strong enough to get out of bed. So a wishlist will have to suffice for today. Alongside New Girl re-runs of course.

Such a Spring inspired collection!! I can't get enough of pastels, particularly mint, at the moment and collars are an ongoing love of mine when it comes to fashion. Hence the major theme this month. All the items featured are things I've seen in stores whilst shopping for other people over the last week or so and are on my pay day hit list so roll on Tuesday... Which is tomorrow! YES.

There are also a couple of dresses on ASOS I love but are not included above as they're currently out of stock. You've probably seen previous versions of the dresses; cream/white smock dresses with animals printed on. The two I'm after are fox print and deer print. We all know I'm a sucker for woodland animals so I'm glad ASOS decided to extend their collection of animal print dresses past the standard leopards and elephants that are gripping highstreet stores at the moment. Although foxes are meant to be on trend, I haven't seen them anywhere in my area. Can't move for elephants but foxes are well and truly under the radar in Kent - probably why I like them.
Polka dots have crept in there quite quietly too. I didn't think I was a fan of them but it seems that isn't the case!

What trends are you rating for Spring?


Friday, 7 February 2014

February Flirt

February Wishlist

February Wishlist by caseyb

January went so quickly. 

I'm lusting over Michael Kors at the moment, particularly the Selma satchel bag featured this month - to warn you, it'll probably be in every wish list from now until I own one, so forever! Such beautiful leathery wonderfulness. Massively into collars lately too, I have a couple of items that I love teaming with crisp, white collars so I'm bound to end up with a drawer full of white blouses, most likely all variations of the same thing.
I'm feeling a little melancholy at the moment as I'm job hunting and I completely forgot how much of a drag it can be. I'm looking to change career and switch industries entirely which means I feel as if I'm starting from scratch and it kind of sucks! Hopefully it'll work out and be worth it the end.