Friday, 5 July 2013

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® OR

    I didn't do a Glossybox review for the June box as I was, again, unimpressed with it and had no motivation to review the products. Also, I didn't fancy writing a negative post because that's no fun! I've since unsubscribed to Glossybox and am on the prowl for a new beautybox subscription so if you have any recommendations please let me know.
There is one good thing that came out of that box though, Huile Prodigieuse OR by Nuxe. I love this product so much that I just want to scream about it from rooftops! I won't do that, but my blog is the next best thing so I will share it with you.
    Huile Prodigieuse OR is a multi purpose dry oil that is compiled of 92% ingredients that are sourced naturally. Among these are 6 precious plant oils (Borage, Sweet Almond, Macademia, St.Johnswort, Hazelnut and Camellia) which Nuxe have combined with Vitamin E to create a nourishing formula that will repair and protect skin and hair.
     Each review of this product I've seen has focussed on the products benefits for skin but I used it on my hair and couldn't be happier with the results.
I worked the oil through damp hair from tips to scalp, wrapped my hair in a dry towel and left for about 25minutes and then washed my hair normally.
The directions for use suggest 15-20 but I went for a little over 20 as my hair is very thick and quite damaged from so much heat styling. I was worried that this would mean that it would take more to get the oil out of my hair and was concerned about a greasy after effect but there was no such issue.
    This left my hair so smooth and manageable without making it feel heavy. It did wonders for product build up and made my hair feel a little stronger and in better condition all round. After one use, there's still quite a bit left in the bottle, which was a 10ml sample, so I'm going to use it every few weeks to give my hair a more deep cleanse treatment and to revitalise it a bit. In the mean time, I'm going to attempt to find some products which will deliver the same results but that are more in my price range because at £34.00 for 100ml, I won't be able to afford this one for a while yet! You can shop the Nuxe range here and if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear from you.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer Crush

July Wishlist

    There are so many things I wanted to add to the wishlist this month so these are just a few items that have risen to the top of the list.
I love buttoned up blouses at the moment and there are so many on the high-street that I found it quite hard to choose just one. This Topshop number is so dainty, cute and in a colour I'm  really into at the moment so it had to be included. Plus, it's in the sale so hopefully it'll work it's way from wishlist to wardrobe soon
    The Twister lip balm is a novelty thing but was actually the first item to be added. Seeing as it combines two of my utmost addictions of the moment, lip balm and Twister ice lollies, it HAD to be on the post.
    This photo of the lime green dress, and on the internet generally, doesn't do the dress justice as it isn't a true reflection of the actual colour. It almost looks, mint green here but is in actual fact a very bright, lime green in the flesh.
Shift dresses are my fashion quest this month, along with camis. I'm determined to get one or two for the coming summer months along with a pair of brown heels as I literally own none! Don't ask me how I've fashionably functioned this long without a pair as I haven't a clue!

    What's on your wishlist for this month?