Monday, 24 August 2015

Bombs Away #ootd

I finally gave in to the 80's kid in me.

I'm chuffed that the bomber jacket is well and truly back because, having been born at the very very end of the 80's, I'm a sucker for all things 80's fashion and have been waiting to get my hands on a black bomber jacket for aaages.

This one from Topshop was a little deceiving. I know they did a black version and then brought out a 'true black' version which actually had a slight purple hue in some lights and I knew I did not want any kind of purple happening so resigned myself to not getting one of theirs and keeping an eye out in other stores. However, I got sucked in when I saw it as I thought it was the original black version and, with my judgement clouded by sheer excitement, bought it instantly without checking. Turns out it's the true black version but despite all of the online reviews harping on about this awful, vile purple tinge, its really very black and only the slightest purple-ish tone in certain lights which is rare anyway.
I'm glad I was tricked. I'm totally in love with the bomber.


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